Why buy from FS Tool?


Why buy from FS Tool?

Engineered to Outperform.

FS Tool products are engineered to outperform. This means better quality materials, solid engineering and extensive testing that results in longer run times, less downtime and less wastage. Ask yourself this: When you add up the cost of machine downtime and replacing or sharpening your tools so often, how much more is it really costing you?

The quality of our tools means that you have the most cost-effective tooling solution in the industry.

Any circular saw blade can cut. Ours are custom-tensioned for your machines and cutting applications.

Some of the most demanding and well respected manufacturers in North America insist on FS Tool circular saw blades. That’s because we custom-tension our blades specifically for your machines. By custom tensioning, we reduce run-out as well as many other advantages.

Engineered for fast delivery.

Each tool that leaves our manufacturing facility is the product of over 30 years of design and experience. And since we manufacture in North America, your order gets to you when you need it.

Custom Tooling Capability.

The woodworking industry is changing rapidly, and FS Tool is changing right along with it. As new processes and machines are developed, we design new tooling to suit the application. We are continuously investing in the latest manufacturing equipment to meet your custom tooling needs.

  • North American-manufactured custom tooling ensures fast turnaround
  • Tool geometry engineered to optimize performance
  • Custom tooling solutions available for every application

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Commitment to Value & Quality.

We are committed to giving you cost effective cutting solutions that  provide you with real value.

Our commitment to quality is built into our manufacturing process: we inspect each product at various stages. 100% QA testing and a final pre-shipping check ensures that each tool you buy is flawless. And all of our tooling is backed by an FS Tool Warranty.

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Other high points include:

  • high quality carbide
  • mirror finish
  • consistent grind from tooth to tooth
  • tightest run-out tolerances in the industry
  • 100% QA testing
  • manufactured in North America for the specific needs of North American manufacturers

Major U.S. panel processors have tested our newest generation of panel saw blades, the XL4000 Plus. Their tests proved, without exception, that these were the best and the longest lasting blades that they had ever used. Read more or contact us for more information.